Hi, I am Thijs.

As long as I can remember I've loved solving problems. Diving in deep, learning how things work and making them better.

In this section I hope to tell you how I can help solve your problems and make your business better.

What I do

I am an independent designer. I primarily create serious games and applications and do interaction design, but have the background of an industrial designer.

Serious games

I've always loved games of all forms. Ever since seeing how useful they can be, I've been attracted to using the medium to make a positive change in the world.

Interaction design

I approach projects from the user's point of view - how they experience it, understand it, what they need and want from it. I believe a solution only works if the end user enjoys using it.

Virtual Reality

I aim to create VR experiences that are not just functional but effective, intuitive and immersive.

Industrial design

My background lies in design methodology - user research, design thinking, creative techniques and iterative processes.

Who I am

While I'd hate to beat my own drum, here's some things that I can add to your team or project.

Fast learner

I've taught myself how to program and develop games, how to 3d model, how to build web sites, and I could quickly educate myself on the finer points of your business.

Creative and analytic

Analytics, brainstorming, flow charts, co-creation, etc etc - they're all just tools in a design process. Alternating between divergent and convergent thinking allows me to get to the bottom of things.

Attention to detail

Whether it's about the usability of a UI, the intuitiveness of a VR system or the nuances in user research data, you can count on me to get the complete picture and dot the i's.

Natural teamplayer

Having worked primarily in design/dev teams ranging from 3 to 12 people, the challenges and advantages of team work are second nature to me. I'm a strong communicator, presenter and always put the team goals first.


Over time I have built up a range of useful skills to help me design better products.

Design & Development
Design thinking and methodology
Rapid prototyping
Designing in teams
Vision-driven design
(Serious) Game design
Virtual reality design
Context/User Research
Experience design
Usability testing
Creative techniques and co-creation
(Cognitive) ergonomics
Graphic design and branding
A little healthy chaos
Agile work style
Problem solving and creative thinking
Technical skills
Unity development (C#)
Axure, Invision, Proto.io
VR development (Vive)
Arduino (C++) + electronics prototyping
Adobe Creative Suite
HTML5/Javascript development
Design visualisation
Google Analytics
3D modeling (Modo)

Like what you see?

If you are interested in discussing further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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