Vision you can play

Knowledge knockout is a brandable mobile game that increases knowledge and engagement with the company vision in a playful way.

By playing multiplayer quiz battles players encounter vision snippets, company trivia and history, put a name to the face and gain insight into company strategy and business practices. Through these questions and feedback, players not only learn facts but learn to understand what vision means in their daily work.

  • Client

    &ranj Serious Games

  • Roles

    Game design
    User research

  • Results

    650+ Players and counting
    Deployed at 3+ corporate clients



Knowledge knockout was designed as a quick-to-play mobile game played during downtime, small breaks or commuting.

Async play

To best support any size of organisation, Knowledge Knockout was designed for asynchronous (turn-based) play. However, the game is structured such that two opponents who are simultaneously active can join up into sync play for intense face-to-face battles.

One more round

The game was designed to evoke the one more round feeling, striking a perfect balance between rewarding gameplay and bite-size rounds. Using juicy feedback and social dynamics, players are always given a reason to come back for more.



Several formats of multiple choice quiz questions test player's knowledge of the company and vision. The faster you answer, the more gems you earn.

Each correct answer earns you gems, but your opponent isn't sitting still either. Each round all earned gems clash to determine who comes out on top. Any remaining gems are added to your score.

Fill the entire bar with your gems and you win!

Every time you come back to a duel, the Round Replay updates you on what your opponent did since you last saw them and what the outcome of the previous round were.

During this Replay, the game also shows you insightful hints related to the questions you just answered. This allows players to reflect on their answers and learn faster.


With monthly competitions and special events, the leaderboards play a central role in evoking some friendly competition and rivalry. A rivals system makes things personal and prevents only the top 10 from mattering. You aren't going to let your co-worker get ahead of you, are you?

With multiple special badges, unlockable borders and topics to level-up, Knowledge Knockout gives the player extensive feedback on their level of progression and a reason to keep trying their best.

Through social scarcity and a dramatic face-off at the start of every match, these unlockables really matter. Do you think you can take on this lvl30 quiz-master?

Through social scarcity and a dramatic face-off at the start of every match, these unlockables really matter. Do you think you can take on this gold-plated quiz-master?

UI concept

Knowledge Knockout's interface was designed to represent a physical environment: strips of paper. Visual effects and transitions in the application follow this paradigm to give the interface a sense of space and consistency.