Change through insight

Energy Intelligence is part of an office-wide energy awareness installation. I redesigned and rebuilt the existing information, graphs and system interfaces for a clearer message and easier use.

The redesign for Energy-Aware was focused on providing the right information at the right times in the right way for maximum effect. It aims to encourage change by showing users what they could have improved easily, and encouraging an explorative and experimental attitude.

  • Client

    Interactive Institute AB, Sweden

  • Deliverables

    MVP touchscreen application
    Concept design

  • Skills

    HTML5 development
    Data visualization
    Concept development

Energy Intelligence, the breakroom visualisation
Instant Energy, desktop notification app

Holistic system

Energy-Aware is a three-part system, of which I designed and implemented two. The user comes in contact with each at various moments throughout their workday.

Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence focuses on office-wide patterns and positive reinforcement. Running on a touchscreen display in breakrooms, it allows users to explore interactive graphs of their common consumption history and highlights points of interest.

It allows detailed comparison, goalsetting and exploration of the data. In this way it stimulates social awareness.

Instant Energy

The companion taskbar widget shows the user their impact on an individual level through notification cards. It allows the user to reflect on their own role in the larger scope without fear of judgement.

Cards pop up at crucial parts of the day and offer comparions, useful tips and reminders.