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About me

I am a serious games developer and interaction designer passionate about making great products that delight both clients and users.

Using a unique combination of design thinking, rapid prototyping and user focus we can make that happen.

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My work

Ranging from serious games and VR applications to digital interfaces and consumer products, check out some of my work here

My approach

I strongly believe the user experience is key in any successful solution. With a focus on creating, testing and learning as we go, I design things that users want to use.

Design by doing

Why design on paper or in theory when you don't have to? Design is a process of learning - to understand the problem, the context, the users and the solution.

What better way to learn than to get your hands dirty?


While trained as an interaction designer, I have specialized in serious gaming and virtual reality.

This wide skillset allows me to combine and integrate aspects of each to create lasting value, whatever the project.

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Game design

With an all-round development skillset and a life-long passion for games, I can design and develop the (serious) game that you need to reach your goal.

Virtual reality

Even more than in other media, the experience is everything in VR.
I design intuitive, convincing and effective VR games and applications.

Interaction design

Whether it's UI/UX, experience design, customer journeys or conceptual design, a strong grounding in design theory, user research and usability testing helps me get to the bottom of things.

Case Study - &ranj Knowledge Knockout

As designer on &ranj's first white-label mobile game, I designed an experience that has been succesfully deployed at several multinationals.

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