About me

I am a serious games developer and interaction designer passionate about making great products that delight both clients and users.

Using a unique combination of design thinking, rapid prototyping and user focus we can make that happen.

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My work

Ranging from serious games and VR applications to digital interfaces and consumer products, check out some of my work here

My approach

I strongly believe the user experience is key in any successful solution. With a focus on creating, testing and learning as we go, I design things that users want to use.

Design by doing

Why design on paper or in theory when you don't have to? Design is a process of learning - to understand the problem, the context, the users and the solution.

What better way to learn than to get your hands dirty?


I design, research, strategize, prototype, develop, scope, pitch and coordinate - whatever the product most needs to succeed.

This broad skillset allows me to play a central role, bridging the different involved disciplines and helping lead a team to better results.

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User research and UX

Whether it's UI work, experience design, customer journeys or conceptual design; a strong grounding in design theory, user research and usability testing helps me get to the bottom of things.

(Game) development and design

With 10 years of experience developing in C#, C++, HLSL and modern web frameworks, I am able to keep the technical side of things in mind as early as the concepting stage, as well as rapidly prototype and test any solutions.

Product development

Products are more than just features. Combining aspects of CX, UX, game design and technical development allows me to lead teams towards a valuable end result.

Case Study - &ranj Knowledge Knockout

As designer on &ranj's first white-label mobile game, I designed an experience that has been succesfully deployed at several multinationals.

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&ranj Serious Games
Serious Gaming studio, Netherlands
Interactive Institute
Research Institute, Sweden
TU Delft Gamelab
Research & Development, Netherlands
Robotics toys, Netherlands